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ANTI (computer virus)

Anti is a computer virus that affects Apple computers running the Mac classic versions of Mac OS prior to system 6. It is particularly notable for being the first virus for Macintosh, in order not to create additional resources in the infected fi ...


The MacMag virus, also known under various other names, is a computer virus introduced in 1988 by Richard Brandow, who at the time was editor and publisher of the MacMag computer magazine in Montreal.


MDEF was a computer virus affecting Macintosh computers. There are four known strains. First, MDEF, was discovered in may 1990. Forms B, C and D were discovered in August 1990, October 1990, January 1991, respectively. MDEF A, B, and C can infect ...


nVIR is an obsolete computer virus which can replicate on Macintosh computers running any version from 4.1 to OS 8. The source code to the original nVIR has been made widely available, and many options appeared. Each variant causes somewhat diffe ...

HX DOS Extender

The DOS extender is a computer program running under DOS that allows software to operate in a protected environment mode even if the operating system is only capable of operating in real mode. The DOS extender was first developed in 1980-ies afte ...


EUMP, for Compaq expanded memory Manager was the first so-called PC "memory Manager" for Intel 80386 from Intel, is able to provide advanced emulation memory by using virtual memory and virtual 8086 mode of the processor. He was present in LG for ...


Aft an extended memory Manager the memory Manager produced by the stern office systems in the late 1980s to late 1990-ies. This was the most popular third party memory Manager for MS-DOS and other operating systems DOS.

Bee Leader

The aim of the game is to collect the most nectar and turn it into honey, before sunset. This is done by collecting nectar from flowers or dandelion hanging in the air. There are also obstacles to avoid and depends on the type of level the player ...


Golfinity task of the player with the ball going in the hole randomly generated level. To shoot the ball the player clicks and drags their finger across the screen with the power of the shot is shown by the dotted lines. Once a player gets the ba ...

Incidence (video game)

The goal of each incidence to get the ball in the hole in a certain number of shots, 4 shots to be exact. The player launches the ball, dragging the back, which sets the power and angle of the shot. After running the ball will always bounce off a ...

Mekorama (video game)

Mekorama is a puzzle game from Swedish developer Martin magni. Players can make their own levels in the game. He was awarded the jurys Honorable mention-2017 International mobile gaming awards.


Outfolded is a free endless game 3 stars. It was released on iOS. The aim of the game is to reveal different three-dimensional shapes, so that after all the forms were used, at least one of the shapes the Earth in the square goal.


In Perchang the player is task to obtain a certain amount of balls from said starting point to go into the funnel, located somewhere in the environment to complete the level. The player must get the required amount of balls into the funnel at a c ...

Piano City

The city Piano is a social music game for iOS is developed and published by British company game development company room 8 Studio. The game was released on September 24, 2014. The city Piano is a musical game that takes the player on a journey w ...

Say What?! (video game)

Say What?! a music game application that involves tapping icons on a scrolling conveyor belt to match words of the song, while the songs play. The initial download of this app is available for free through the app store, which includes four track ...

Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara Wild heart is a music-based action game created by Swedish developer Simogo and published by interactive Annapurna. Described as "pop album of the video game", Sayonara Wild at heart follows the story of a heartbroken young woman through ...

X-Plane Airliner

X-plane airliner is a simulation game. It plays similarly to Microsoft flight simulator, except with fewer aircraft. The aircraft is controlled by the movement of energy, using iPod touch / iPhone and built-in accelerometer.

Global Address Space Programming Interface

Global address space programming interface is an application programming interface for the development of scalable, asynchronous and fault tolerant parallel applications. It is the realization of a partitioned global address space programming models.

Automatix (software)

Automatix is a tool designed to automate the addition of applications, codecs, fonts and libraries not provided directly repositories of Linux distributions based on Debian. These distributions are not included in some packages or settings that a ...


Ultamatix has been a tool that automatiseret the process of adding applications, codecs, fonts and libraries not provided directly repository in Debian-based distributions such as Ubuntu.


Pipelight is a compatibility layer that allows NPAPI plugins designed for Windows to run in Linux. It is based on a modified version of wine. Currently it supports Silverlight, Flash player, unity 3D, and Widevine. There is experimental support f ...

Tc (Linux)

TC is a user space utility used to configure the Linux kernel packet scheduler. TC is usually packaged as part of a package iproute2)

RotateRight Zoom

Zoom is a performance analysis tool for applications running on Linux and Mac OS X operating systems from RotateRight. Using statistical profiling, this program diagnose performance problems related to CPU and memory-intensive software code. Unfo ...


XBasic is a variant of the Basic programming language which was developed in the late 1980s for the Motorola 88000 CPU and Unix by Max reason. In the early 1990-ies it has been ported to Windows and Linux, and since 1999 it has been available as ...

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