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Ambient Blue

Diffused blue is the debut release and first EP by the American electronics group, swimming with the dolphins. It was released 2 Sep 2008. In September 2013, Tofte did an interview with Chris Herlihys weekly syndicated radio show and talked about ...

Music 4 (EP)

Music 4 is an extended play by English Synthpop band, on the contrary, being their first release. It was originally released in September 1979 on the label of neutrons.

Hubert Kah

Hubert Kah is a German synth-pop group is headed by Hubert Kemmler. Kemmler is a German musician, composer, songwriter and producer.

Bolt Action Five

Bolt action five dance-punk / industrial band from London, England, composed of Tobias j Hughes, Ian William Galloway, Dan "the carnivore" the Murtha and mark Murphy. They formed in early 2006 from various members and have repeatedly appeared in ...


Dartz! were a math rock group from Middlesbrough in North East England who formed in early 2005. They signed with Xtra Mile recordings in the UK and deep elm in the US, and released one full-length album, one mini album, three singles and a split ...

Jessica 6 (band)

Jessica 6-electronic pop performing alias Nomi Ruiz, which began in Brooklyn, new disco and R&B trio that formed after helping raise Hercules and love live show business. Formerly known as deep red, their name was taken from the main character of ...

Medium Medium

Emerging in 1978 out of Nottingham punk / Rhythm & Blues band the press, medium mediums first single was "them or me", which was released in late 1978 and was still selling well enough in 1980 to appear in the UK independent chart. The second sin ...


UltraNoir-Finnish Synthpop / Gothic rock / post-punk trio founded in 2004. Starting as a pop group, UltraNoir is influenced by shoegaze and post-rock as in the early eighties post-punk groups such as joy division, the cure along with the sisters ...

Deutsch-Osterreichisches Feingefuhl

DOF was in 1980-ies of the Austrian-German Neue Deutsche Welle pop band, known for their 1983 single "Kodo".

F.S.K. (band)

F. S. K. is a German band formed in Munich in 1980. The group was connected with the Vanguard of the periphery of the Neue Deutsche Welle in the early 1980-ies and with techno and house music since the mid 1990-ies.


Grauzone was a band from Berne, Switzerland that was active and disbanded in the early 1980-ies. Grauzone is most famous for their 1981 hit "pants" "white bear". The single charted at #12 in Germany and 6 in Austria. In addition to "no", they hav ...

Paso Doble (band)

The Paso Doble is a German activated group, which was formed in 1983. Very popular in Germany, their songs Computerliebe, Herz An Herz and fantasy was slightly better, activated / new wave compilations. They are well known for their unique sound, ...

The Wirtschaftswunder

In the Wirtschaftswunder, the German band consisting of musicians Angelo Galicia, Tom Dokoupil, mark Pfurtschneller and jürgen beuth. They were part of the so-called Neue Deutsche Welle that emerged within the English new wave / post-punk movemen ...

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