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Yi Province

Yi province and yizhou, was a province of Ancient China. Its capital was Chengdu, the province also included the commanderies Hanzhong, Wudu, Yuexi and Yi. It is bordered to the North of the province of Liang. Wow, covered by the modern Sichuan a ...

Yong Province

In the book of documents, Yongzhou mentioned as one of the nine legendary provinces of China prehistoric. From the Western Zhou dynasty to the Western Jin dynasty, in lengshuitan the name was applied in the vicinity of the Imperial capital, Li We ...

Yuzhou (ancient China)

Yuzhou, or Yu province, was one of the nine regions of Ancient China, later to become administrative Affairs during the reign of Emperor Wu of the Western Han dynasty.

Dingxiang Commandery

UV embossed commandery was a historical commandery from China. It was located in the southern part of modern Hohhot and Ulanqab prefectures in Inner Mongolia. The commandery was separated from Yunzhong under Emperor gaozu of Hans of the Board. In ...

Shang Commandery

Shang commandery was a historical commandery from China. It was located on the territory of modern Northern Shaanxi. The commandery was established during the reign of Marquis Wen of Wei. In 328 BC, was annexed by the Qin state. The seat was 膚施 ...

Zhuo Commandery

Zhuo commandery or Fanyang commandery was a commandery in Imperial China from the Han dynasty to the Tang dynasty, located in modern Hebei province and Beijing.

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