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Advance Aviation Jet

Prior aircraft Jet is an operation Thai Charter was in Bangkok, Thailand. Established in 2011, the company specializiruetsya on the management of business jets and maintenance, and other aviation-related activities, including consulting, flight s ...

Eurasia Aviation Corporation

The Eurasia Aviation Corporation was a Chinese airline with its headquarters in Shanghai. The company is Chinese-German. Eurasia, is classified as a state airline by the Ministry of communications of China, operated the Junkers w33 and, after thr ...


The airline was founded as a business Charter airline. She also began scheduled operations in force on 8 September 2011, with routes from your base airport to münster osnabrück FMO zürich, poznań, Poland and Wroclaw, Poland. All flights were perf ...

Air Express Sweden

Air Express Sweden was a Charter airline based in Stockholm, Sweden. Originally owned by Swedish investment group Salenia, it belongs to the airline of MCA since 2009. All previously operated aircraft were combined into the AGR fleet, too.

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