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Speleonectes atlantida

Speleonectes Atlantida is a kind of eyeless crustacean in the order Nectiopoda. It was discovered in August 2009 in the tunnel de La Atlantida, the worlds longest submarine lava tube on Lanzarote in the Canary Islands off the West coast of North ...

Belonogaster petiolata

Belonogaster petiolata is a species of primitive social Wasp that lives in South Africa, in the temperate and humid climate zones. This species of wasp has a strong presence in South Africa and was spotted in the Northern part of the city. Many c ...

Miomantis caffra

Miomantis caffra is a species of praying mantis native to South Africa. He was discovered to have spread in New Zealand in 1978, and was found recently in Portugal, probably spread by the exotic pet trade. Females are facultative parthenogens and ...


Hypoctonus dawnae seriously, 1912. Hypoctonus brownish seriously, 1912. Binghami Hypoctonus Oates, 1890. Andersoni Hypoctonus Oates, 1889. Hypoctonus oatesii Pocock, 1900. Hypoctonus gastrostictus Kraepelin, 1897. Birmanicus Hypoctonus Hirst, 191 ...


Sabacon is a genus of the family Sabaconidae hay about forty species. The species of this genus are, as a rule, thickened pedipalps with stiff, fine hairs, which is unique among harvestmen. Although a small tubercle, the eyes are usually not orna ...


The catalogue of life lists: Thelyphonus burchardi Kraepelin, 1911 (Thelyphonus burchardi Крепелин, 1911) - Indonesia. Thelyphonus angustus Lucas, 1835. Lawrencei Thelyphonus Rowland, 1973 (Thelyphonus Lawrencei Роуленд, 1973) - Solomon Islands. ...


Whip Scorpions of the world lists: Typopeltis soidaoensis Haupt, 1996 - Thailand, Vietnam. Typopeltis Pocock crucifixion, 1894 - Japan, Taiwan. Typopeltis amurensis Tarnani, 1889. Typopeltis harmandi Kraepelin, 1900 – Vietnam. Typopeltis dalyi Po ...

Odontolabis dalmani

Odontolabis dalmani can reach lengths of about 40-100 mm 1.6–3.9 V. the Primary color is dark-brown, with fine pubescence. Large jaws of the males used to fight each other for mating or food. These beetles are nocturnal. Adults feed on tree SAP a ...

Agapanthia gemella

Agapanthia gemella is a species of beetle in the Lamiinae subfamily, that is endemic to Cyprus. View 8-12 mm in length, and covered with eight yellowish-black hair. They feed on the legume species, in particular Erophaca baetica East. They fly fr ...

Deuterotinea instabilis

Deuterotinea instabilis moth in the family Eriocottidae. It was described by Meyrick in 1924. It is located in Cyprus. A wingspan of 26-28 mm. In forewings brownish or whitish-brown or brownish suffusedly irrorated with white, sometimes with scat ...

Mordellistena difficilis

Mordellistena the past-a species of beetles of the genus Mordellistena of the family Mordellidae. It was first described in 1963 yermish and is endemic to Cyprus.

Mordellistena paradohumeralis

Mordellistena paradohumeralis-species of beetles of the genus Mordellistena of the family Mordellidae. He was described yermish in 1963 and is endemic to Cyprus.

Prochora praticola

Prochora praticola is a species of spider in the family Miturgidae. It is found in China, Korea and Japan, and was first described by Friedrich-Wilhelm Bosenberg and strand Embrik in 1906 as Agroeca praticola.

Belonogaster juncea juncea

Belonogaster mustard PPE is a subspecies of Belonogaster mustard PPE and is classified as a primitively social Wasp, meaning that the social time, exhibiting the morphology that is indistinguishable from other castes. It is also classified as a t ...


As of July 2019 contains twenty-nine species, found only in Asia, Europe and Africa: Mogrus mathisi Berland & Miglio, 1941 – Africa, Saudi Arabia, Yemen. Mogrus Antonina Andreeva, 1976 – Russian Europe to Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Central A ...

Barystethus tropicus

Barystethus tropicus reaches about 18 mm 0.71 in length. This species is usually black, but it is quite variable in coloration. Body elliptical, legs, and rostrum smooth and shining, elytra with the striae and the rostrum slightly convex.


Bulolia is a genus of Papuan spiders, which was first described by Marek Michal Zabka in 1996. As of June 2019 it contains only two species, found only in Papua New Guinea: B. B. more bizarre and bug-eyed.


Cucudeta is a genus of Papuan spiders, which was first described by Wayne Paul Maddison in 2009. As of June 2019 it contains only three species, found only in Papua New Guinea: S. gahavisuka, S. uzet, and S. zabkai.


Dicropsocus is a genus in the family Epipsocidae, with three described species endemic to New Guinea and the neighboring Islands. Kind characterised by a peculiar venation of the wings, a supernumerary cells.


Furculattus is a genus of the family Salticidae spider, with one species, F. maxillosus. It occurs on the Gazelle Peninsula in New Britain, New Guinea, where he was found in a rainforest canopy.


Leptathamas is a genus of spiders of the family of spiders-jumping, Salticidae, with one described species, which is found only in New Guinea. The genus seems to be closely related to Athamas and Bulolia, occupying the "halfway" between them.

Nephilengys papuana

Nephilengys papuana is the spider araneid. The species was previously included in Nephilengys malabarensis as a subspecies of N. M. papuana, but now recognized as a separate species. The body length of females is about 17 mm, length of male less ...


Novopsocus is a genus in the family Pseudocaeciliidae, From, until 2008, one described endemic to New Guinea. Later it turned out that the representatives of two different species are not the same, and was found individual of the third kind. The ...

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